Songs and Sounds for Rivers

KW Chamber Music Society, 57 Young Street W, Waterloo, ON

Erso (Keenan Reimer-Watts and Veda Hingert-McDonald) is playing a fundraising concert for the Grand River Conservation Foundation - come out and invite your friends for a evening of beautiful song and Canadian piano music!

We are raising money to fund student trips to the Laurel Creek Conservation Center to learn about the importance of waterways, and more generally, a healthy planet. After talking to the Grand River Conservation Foundation, I (Keenan) learned that this is the highest funding need of the Grand River Conservation Foundation due to the cuts that are being made to education in Ontario. Your donation will help schools afford these trips. Our goal is to raise $2500, which is an average of 30 dollars a ticket. If that is too much, that is OK! If you can, you are welcome to donate more.

First half, Erso - Fratres, by Arvo Part - Singing original songs.

Second half - Keenan Reimer-Watts, piano Music is by Ann Southam - Rivers, Set. 2. This is a beautiful, slow, meditative piece of music, 50 minutes in length. I (Keenan) wish to create a beautiful space where we can reflect on water and wash ourselves clean with the harmony of a Steinway.

Let's come together in music, and show that we value environmental education of kids!