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Mothers - Fundraising Single

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Mothers is our first single. It is a song dedicated to all mothers, including our shared mother, earth. It is a reflection on the ecological crisis our planet is in, and reflecting on how in this time we must care of the earth, as we were taken care of as we grew up.

Proceeds from downloads will go to support conservation efforts at the International Conservation Fund of Canada.

Let's take care of the earth.

Keenan Reimer-Watts - vocals, guitar, mixing
Veda Hingert-McDonald - violin
Greg Calbi - mastering


I think that I am here to stay
I hold that hope close to my heart
Thought while it all goes away
It seems as though we must part

With every passing day
Another piece has disappeared
As sun still shines her rays
Over all that we have cleared

And I could wait another year
and I could grow a family here
fill a home with laughter and cheer
if it weren't so near

I tell my mother how
Days keep passing, one by one
It seems so easy now
But when it's over, it is done

And I could hold my breath again
And wish for how it was then
When I was young and played pretend
If it weren't so near

And I am doing what I can
To help the land on which I stand
And try to hold it tenderly
As I remember, you held me
As I remember, you held me.