1. Old Stones

From the recording Erso

Old Stones is a meditation on cyclical forms of thinking and action, as opposed to linear forms of thinking or action.

It was inspired, at least in part, by First Nations culture/people in Canada, and their cultural values of protecting the environment and acting/being with the long-term health of the earth in mind.


Torn against the soil
How easy it is to toil
To no end

A tired and weathered hand
Waving to the wind
And the earth

Calls still echo clear
And we’re near to ourselves as we stand

Old stones to turn
Old stones to turn

Gather in each way
In the streets and of the hay
It’s the same

Circles never sleep
Buried deep and without care
For what they keep

How dare we think
To make a line
While these lines will cycle through

How could we stop
The turns that led to I
And you

Old breaths to draw
Old breaths to draw

Old stones to turn
Old stones to turn